Do you want to make money even while traveling?

You might feel like you’re stuck in your 9 to 5 job and you are craving for something exciting. You want to travel and explore the world, but the expenses is turning you down.

But, let me tell you, you can earn while traveling. Yes, it is possible!

In this Digital Age, you don’t have to invest your 9 hours daily to earn money. There are a lot of websites, where you can get freelancing work and you can do those works remotely.

You heard right!

In order to get hired as a freelancer, you must have some skills like website designing, Digital marketing, graphic designing, blogging, Content writing, photography.

Here are some of the Top skills,  which is in huge Demand in Freelancing Industry. You can master in any of them and you can easily earn money while you are travelling or exploring different destinations –

1. Website Development and Designing

You have to design and code the website and give it to your client.

Work as a freelance web designer and earn at your own terms.

You never know that the person sitting next to you maybe a freelance web designer. He can be working for the top shot companies while you are just hanging around.

According to a data, there are many thousand people in India, who are in their early 20s earn more than 50K per month!!

How do they do it?

You would be amazed that these people earn so much just through freelancing.

Let’s focus on

Who is a freelance web designer why are they so much in demand?

freelancer is a person who is self-employed.  He is not committed to a particular employer for a long period of time.

He can do  different works like writing, designing or providing any other service despite of the rigid working spells and bonded salaries.

Freelance web designers are connected to a company or an organisation that utilizes the freelancers to clients and further earn great profits.


2. Photography

Freelance photographer is one of the most popular freelancing jobs in the world. This routine can help you feel composed and confident about your trip. Also, the work plans will be completed along the way.

3. Travel blogging

If you wish to get paid for your favorite hobby, then this is your thing. Travel blogging requires a tremendous amount of hard work before you begin to see any benefits.

4. Teaching and Tutoring

You have to teach and tutor online over Skype or Google Hangout.

5. Freelance Writing and Copywriting

It means you have to write for various clients or organizations on their desired topics. This ranges anything from ghost writing to article writing for a blog or website.

6. 3D Modelling

The demand of this subject is enormous, ex. Designing 3D structures for pharmacy companies, doctors etc.

7. Game Development

It is quite similar to app development. However, here you will code about games that are played online or offline.

And many more.

Are you also looking for an extra income along with your job/studies?

Do you want to work independently even along with your household work?

Or do you want to work on projects while enjoying your next adventure trip?

Then, freelancing is the right direction for you.

Being a freelancer opens up vast ocean of opportunities for you.


Prerequisites to become successful as a freelancer

  • Gaining expertise is the first step in becoming a freelancer. A freelancer needs a good level of expertise in his own field of work.
  • Always be on a continuous lookout for work.
  • Schedule your work time appropriately. Be very punctual about the time limits because this is the way to balance freelance work and travel.
  • Consider time zone changes. It is necessary if you are working on a foreign project.
  • When working with more than one client, maintain the sync.


Benefits of Freelancing

  • Work from home.
  • Work while travelling.
  • No extra expenses of an office setup.
  • Freedom from the 9–5 monotonous job routine.
  • Become an expert in your own field by showcasing your skills.


How to grab freelancing jobs and earn money?

  • Project your skills online. LinkedIn is the best professional platform to connect with business owners.
  • Register on freelancing websites such as upwork, Guru Etc. and stay up to the mark with the current market trends.
  • Keep in touch with the recruiters for freelance job postings ex., Indeed etc.
  • Ask your colleagues and fellow workers to recommend you professionally.

Networking is very important for a freelancer. Most of the time, recommendations help you to increase your price.


Tips to be successful as a freelancer:

  • Invest your time in those projects only for which you are skilled are very.
  • Do not make hard and fast commitments.
  • Always present your previous work as a reference in new proposals.
  • Stay in touch with your clients for maintaining the work’s rhythm.
  • Create your travel routine.


In 21st century, people have multi-dimensional talents.

Ex. A doctor can be a model, an engineer can be as well a very good story writer, and a housewife can prove to be a brilliant entrepreneur. Etc.

They are not merely well-educated but also very highly skilled in other streams.

Most of the people do not want stick to the old ways of the 8 hours exhausting work routines as their only source of income.

It’s very true to say that everybody wants more money.

Freelancing is a platform that provides you the ease of earning more income with the help of your other existing skills.

Being a freelance web designer is a growing trend for those who wish to do something very unique along with money making.