Insider Academy is the best computer institute in Delhi which provides a variety of computer courses.  Nowadays computer becomes the part of our life, whether you want to manage a large amount of data or want to store some important documents.  Gone are the days when the only graduation is necessary to get a job, now computer education is the requirement of time.

Even PMO Narendra Modi launched Digital India campaign, his main vision is to take the nation forward- Digitally & economically. According to digital India campaign 50-75 lakh jobs will create in 2020 year. In order to get a job you have to make yourself digitally & technically aware which can only be done by basic or advanced computer course.

Insider academy is offering a certification program in computer education in which you will learn basic computer courses. We have experienced trainers; they will provide you in-depth practical knowledge.

Insider academy also does prepare for an interview, personality development and English spoken. After doing a certification course you will have a plethora of job opportunities.

We provide hands-on training experience through live projects in order to boost student confidence level, so student can confront real time problems in job.

Learning Outcomes:

  • You will know the basic outstanding of Computer devices
  • You will have problem solving skills
  • How to create and maintain data in spreadsheet
  • How to create a slide for presentation
  • How to handle email through Microsoft outlook
  • You will have the basic understanding of computer hardware and software
  • Basic formulae in MS-excel
  • What is computer operating system and how it works
  • How to create billing
  • Maintenance of payroll & ratio analysis