Web Designing Course in Noida

About Web Designing Course:

You can’t imagine business on the internet without websites. The website is the first and foremost need of a business. Whether you want to start your own business or looking for a job (livelihood), you must have a look at this course.

Insider Academy institute provides best website designing training course to students that are serious about their career. After 3 months you will be a master in website designing. It’s not possible to become a master through theoretical, that’s why we focus on practical approach only.

After successful completion of this course, you will learn how to design a business on the internet or in simple words how to make a website (virtual shop). Have a look what you will learn in this short-term website designing course in Noida.

Learning outcomes:

  • 50+Hours of web design/web development training in Noida
  • Learn new functions and tricks to design/develop a website quickly
  • Certification program
  • Live project training with a real-life example
  • In Class training in Noida with industry experts.
  • Course content is created according to current industry demands.


    Course Module

    Module 1: Introduction to Web Technologies

    • Introduction to Web Technologies
    • Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
    • How the Website Works ?
    • Client and Server Scripting Languages
    • Difference between a Web Designer and Web Developer
    • Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites)

    Module 2: Photoshop

    • Introduction and Overview Of Photoshop
    • Photo Retouching
    • Working with Selection
    • Resizing & cropping Images
    • Panting In Photoshop
    • Working with Layers
    • Vector Image Creation in Photoshop
    • Working Adjustment Layers
    • Working with Text
    • Creating Special Effect

    Module 3: Coral Draw

    • Introduction of Coral Draw
    • Tools
    • Corel Draw Layout
    • Working with Basic shape, Arrows, Banner Shape
    • Working with Curves
    • Working with Text & Line
    • Working with Bitmaps
    • Designing Visiting Cards, Boucher, Poster & Many
    • More….

    Module 4: Adobe Dreamweaver

    • Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
    • Dreamweaver Interface Basics
    • Type of Views
    • Defining a D
    • Dreamweaver site
    • Benefits of Using Site
    • Creating a Site for Static Project
    • Creating a Site for PHP Project
    • Setting the Dreamweaver for Multiple Browser Output
    • Device Central and Mobile Sites
    • Common Tool Bar
    • Anchor Links / Email Links / Named Anchors
    • Insert Table
    • Insert Divs
    • Inserting Images / Image Hot Spots
    • Script Tags
    • Layout Tool Bar
    • Inserting Divs
    • Inserting Tables
    • Text Tags
    • Headings Tag
    • Content Tags
    • Formating Tags
    • Tabbed Panels
    • Accordions
    • Collapsible Divs
    • Forms in Dreamweaver
    • Form Tag
    • Input Tags (Hidden, Text, Checkbox, Radio, Image)
    • Select Tag / List Tag / Opt Group
    • Buttons (Submit and Reset)
    • FTP Client in DW
    • Importing a website design

    Module 5: Web Hosting

    • Web Hosting Basics
    • Types of Hosting Packages
    • Registering domains
    • Defining Name Servers
    • Using Control Panel
    • Creating Emails in Cpanel
    • Using FTP Client
    • Maintaining a Website

    Module 6: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML 4.01)

    • What is Hypertext Markup Language
    • Basic Structure of HTML
    • Head Section and Elements of Head Section
    • Meta Tags
    • External Link Tags
    • HTML Structure Tags
    • Table Tag
    • Div Tag
    • Frames
    • Content / Media Tags
    • Header Tags
    • Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
    • Anchor Links and Named Anchors
    • Image Tags / Image Hot Spots
    • Object Tag
    • Iframe Tags
    • Working with Forms
    • Form Tag
    • POST and GET Method
    • Text Input, Text Area, Checkbox, Image Input and Radio
    • Select Option, Option Group
    • Submit Button, Reset Button
    • Relation between HTML Form and PHP
    • Creating a Live Website Form

    Module 7: HTML5

    • Introduction to HTML5
    • Whats new in HTML5
    • HTML5 Doctype
    • New Structure Tags
    • Section
    • Nav
    • Article
    • Aside
    • Header
    • Footer
    • New Form Tags
    • Search
    • Tel
    • Url
    • Email
    • Number and range
    • New Media Tags
    • Audio Tag
    • Video Tag
    • Designing a Layout using HTML5

    Module 8: Cascading Style Sheets ( 2.0)

    • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
    • Types of Style Sheets (Inline, Inter
    • nal and External)
    • CSS for Website Layout and Print Layout
    • Types of CSS Selectors
    • Universal Selector
    • Type Selector
    • Class Selector
    • ID Selector
    • Child Selector
    • Descendant Selector
    • Adjacent Sibling Selector
    • Attribute Selector
    • CSS properties
    • Type Properties
    • Background Properties
    • Block Properties
    • Box Model Properties
    • List Properties
    • Border Properties
    • Positioning Properties
    • Properties useful in Realtime Designing
    • Using CSS for Realtime Practical Works
    • Defining the ext Styles
    • Defining the Background Styles
    • Designing a Menu System (Horizontal, Vertical and Drop Down)
    • Custom Form Designing
    • DIV + CSS Layout Design
    • CSS Optimization Tips

    Module 9: Cascading Style Sheets ( 3.0 )

    • Introduction to CSS 3
    • New CSS3 Properties
    • CSS Rounded Corners
    • Border Images
    • Border Shadows
    • CSS Gradients
    • CSS Background properties
    • Text-Shadow Property
    • Text-Stroke Property
    • Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

    Module 10: Bootstrap

    • BS Grid Basic
    • BS Tables
    • BS Buttons
    • BS Progress Bars
    • BS List Groups
    • BS Dropdowns
    • BS Navbar
    • BS Forms
    • BS Carousel
    • BS Modal

    Module 11: Joomla (Content Management System) Training

    • Joomla Installation
    • Template Integration
    • Adding content (articles management)
    • Adding content (articles management)
    • Project in Joomla

    Module 12: WordPress (Content Management System) Training

    • Introduction to WordPress
    • Software Installation
    • Theme Integration
    • Adding pages and posts
    • Menu Creation
    • Manage Widgets, Plug-in
    • Header & Footer creation
    • Introduction to Visual Composer/WP Bakery Page Builder
    • Project in WordPress

    Module 13: JAVASCRIPT

    • JS Introduction
    • JS client Validations (Null and Password Validations)
    • Variables, Operators, Arithmetic, Assignment
    • Data Types, Functions, Objects
    • Events
    • String Methods, Number Methods
    • Array Methods, Array Sort, Array Iteration
    • Boolean, Comparisons
    • Conditions, Switch
    • Loop For, Loop While
    • Break

    Module 14: AJAX

    • Introduction to Ajax
    • XML HTTP Request, XHR Object
    • XHR Response
    • XHR Ready State, Fetching text from source
    • Ajax polls
    • AJAX PHP
    • Ajax Database

    Module 15: PHP

    • PHP installation and Introduction
    • Loops
    • String Functions in PHP
    • PHP Email Function
    • PHP Basics, Variables
    • Arrays in PHP with Attributes
    • Date & Time, Image Uploading
    • File handling in PHP
    • Functions in PHP
    • Errors handling in PHP
    • Mini project in header and footer

    Module 16: MYSQL

    • Create tables, Fields
    • Alter table
    • Insert, Update and where condition
    • Delete, Select
    • Limits, Distinct
    • Joins, Order by
    • Group by, Union
    • Import and Export Database

    Module 17: JQUERY

    • JQUERY library
    • Scrolling effects
    • Images and Forms Ajax Integration
    • Fading practical
    • Animation effect practical
    • jQuery Effects
    • jQuery Hide/Show
    • jQuery Fade
    • jQuery Slide
    • jQuery Animate
    • jQuery stop()
    • jQuery Add
    • jQuery Remove

    Module 18: Live Website Design Project

    • Practical Training On live projects
    • CMS (Content Management System) Developer
    • Web Designer
    • My SQL Expert
    • PHP Programmer
    • Web Developer
    • UX Researcher/Analyst
    • Front-End Developer
    • Web Content Manager
    • UX Designer

    Why Choose Insider Academy Web Design

    • 100% Job placement Assistance
    • Earn While You Learn
    • Great Career Options
    • Certified Faculty
    • Affordable course fees
    • Easy to Start


    Certifications are necessary because it adds a feather in your hat that makes you unique in the crowd. After the web design course completion you will have to pass some of the exams/interviews, and then you will get certification.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    What is the difference between web designing and a web developer?

    Website designing is just creating and building layout/design, colors etc of a website whether website development is the process of working on non-design aspects of a website like coding, JavaScript. In simple words, a web developer would make a website fast, and perform well

    What is the main focus of this web design/web development course?

    The main focus of this course is to make you expert in all areas of website designing. You will get the knowledge of PHP (Personal home page), HTML (Hypertext markup language), CMS (Content management system), JavaScript, database connection setup and AJAX.

    What is the future of web designing/web development training course?

    If you want a stable career or have dreams to earn more, it is a great time to make that leap. Web designing is becoming more important than ever have been before.

    Who can do this web design/web development course?

    You may be: A high school student, college student, maybe a working professional who wants to increase their knowledge or an employee who may be looking for a great career.

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