SEO Training in Noida

About Course:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires you to have an understanding of how to make a website and create content that can readily be found by search engines. This approach includes identifying and using preferred search phrases to raise your search engine rank, and this is what we are offering in our SEO Training Course.

It’s just an optimization technique used by SEO professionals to enhance visibility on search engine results pages (SERP’s) and when done correctly could have an impact in your search engine ranking.

The Insider Academy’s SEO Training program gives you an improved knowledge of theories like on-page versus Off Page optimization, image optimization and video SEO, webpage speed optimization, and other best techniques for content production and files that are essential you must have in your site. Further topics covered comprise Google page rank, researching meta names,  descriptions, keywords, canonical issue, redirection, HTTP status codes, backlinking (things to do and what NOT to do), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and much more.


This search engine optimization class takes the “voodoo” out of SEO by offering practical tools and also a methodical approach to improving an internet presence.

This enlightening search engine optimization training class is now available in Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi.


Offers globally recognized SEO certification after course completion. Our main aim is to make you SEO specialist who can make his mark in Search engine optimization industry.

Learning outcomes –

  • Measure the impact of SEO in your business.
  • Get the deep understanding of key SEO terms.
  • Learn to implement backlink strategy.
  • Know how to create an effective SEO plan.
  • Get the clear understanding of on and off page SEO.
  • Learn how to rank your videos on YouTube
  • Get expert hands-on creating effective content.
  • Know how to conduct a competitor analysis.
  • Learn to reverse engineer competitor’s SEO strategy

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