Top 5 ways an SEO Professional can make Good Money

Really? Many of you would feel, “Na”, it is too difficult to even take out my hosting amount. While others who are dancing every day with the huge balance transferred into their account, they think SEO is not less than any blessing. So, what is the truth?

Do search engine optimizers make good money or not? Well, it depends. Every student who has an engineering background does not get the same pay scale. Similarly, SEO professionals have a multitude of opportunities for earning great income part-time or full time.

Ways to Earn Money as an SEO:

Well, you know the tricks, you just need to go and try out whatever comes in the way! We have put in some of the common strategies that industry people are the following:

1. Do a Full-Time Job:

Sounds, monotonous? But, with more than 5 lac SEO jobs in India, full time earning with stability is a good idea. Join company or brands as a digital marketer or an SEO head, and earn money. With experience, go ahead in a career with more opportunities.

2. Go to Freelance Work:

There are different sites that offer a variety of SEO based jobs for projects. They hire SEO managers, PPC managers, or anyone who can manage off-page or on-page promotion as search engine optimizers.

3. Offer Monthly SEO Packages:

If you think you can handle different types of backlinks with Google Analytics and Adwords, go for it. Search engine optimizers charge monthly packages for driving the desired results.

4. Google Adsense:

SEO professionals are earning with Google Adsense nowadays. With the right niche, correct placement of ads, and ad sizes, one can easily bring revenue to his bank.

5. Create a Tool or Service:

The next interesting way through which SEO professionals can get a good income in hand is by creating a tool or service. You must have seen sites like Hubpages, SEO examiner, SERPWoo and others. They either provide search engine optimizers help through certain tools and services.

How much money does a Search Engine Optimizers Make?

There are professionals making millions of money per annum. Let us take live examples of Amit Agarwal, Neil Patel and others who are earning in lac every single day. If the right skills are applied then anyone who is professional in SEO can take away figures with many zeros!

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