What is PPC(Pay per click) advertising?

PPC it is one of the way of doing internet marketing where advertiser has to pay some certain amount to google if a user click on Ad. How to setup PPC Campaigns? Where and how to assign budget? How to rank your ads on Google #1? These are the activities a PPC expert does. It's look like simple but its not.

How I start learning PPC?

Well You can learn PPC on internet but digital marketing is 100% practical. If you learn theoritically by watching youtube videos or reading on internet then consequently you will learn nothing untill and unless you learn practically. You can meet our counselors and trainers that can help you in learning PPC.

How is an SEO course beneficial for digital marketers?

SEO is the basic, first and foremost part of online marketing. What is better than free? There are an ample of job opportunities in this field it becomes very competitive because thousands of website goes live daily.

How PPC Course beneficial for digital marketers?

PPC is the most important part of online marketing, with the help of this you can generate traffic to your website expeditiously. The best part of this is that it is trackable. PPC works when nothing works.

What is the relationship between SEO and PPC?

SEO is free where PPC is Paid. With both the ways our sole purpose is to generate traffic to our website. The traffic which is coming from SEO is free where the traffic that is generated by PPC is paid.

How experienced and what are the skills do your trainer have?

We have industry experts who have rich experience in this field, had gained working from large companies and helped them to grow their business revenues.
You can see the profile of our trainers. If you want to get the in-depth details, better give us a miss call.

What will be the outcomes of this course?

After successfully completing this course you will have an ample of options like: you will be capable of getting job, you can start a business and can work from home (part-time & full time).

What will be my profile or in which areas will i have experties?

You will be a multitasker after course completion you will be capable of doing this things: rank a website on search engines(SEO), paid advertisement on Google(PPC), content creation and curation for website, email marketing through various tools, marketing on social media channels(SMO & SMM), analyse web traffic data(Google analytics master) and many more...
You can see the profile of our trainers. If you want to get the in-depth details, better give us a miss call.

Do you provide job assistance?

Absolutely and undoubtely, you will get a job after doing internet marketing course. We provide 100% placement assistance and organise test systematically in order to ensure that you are fully capable of getting a job.

Do i get internship training?

It is entirely depend on student what they want to do. Either you can go for job or for internship. You provide all types of opportunity to our students.

What are the benefits of doing digital marketing course?

In today's world there is no denying that internet becomes the part of life. Even the Government of India is trying to make india digital since the digital india campaign launched. In just a short span of time digital marketing becomes a standalone subject in its own field.






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