“Getting paid 4.8 lacs being a fresher is all because of digital marketing skills that I have learnt at Insider Academy”

Recently, we had a conversation with Mr Sagar Gupta, a Search Consultant at CollegeDunia. He shared some amazing facts about digital marketing with us how digital marketing skills to his career helped him get a job he always had dreamed for.

Q1. Hello Sagar! How do you feel after getting a job you dreamed of?

Ans. It was a huge transformation in my life I had been waiting for. Initially, I was totally blank and not able to decide about my career but now the tens things turned to happiness, I’m pleased I got this magnificent profile.


Q2. This is glad to know indeed, what is your role in this company?

Ans. I’m a Search Consultant handling projects for SEO & Google Adwords.


Q3. We know this can be a confidential question but may we know how much salary you grab every month?

Ans. It’s okay, I earn 40 thousand per month.


Q4. That’s great! So how you enrolled in the digital marketing training?

Ans.  Since my childhood days I was curious to know about this industry,  gradually I started realizing the current scenario of the Marketing. I came to know how Digital marketing turning into a big change from traditional norms to the massive. So thought of learning it from industry experts & finally landed up with Insider Academy.

Q5. We believe digital marketing to be topmost industry when it comes to growth and offering an enriching career. What’s your point of views on it?

Ans. As a Digital Marketer, I can see an immense scope of Digital Marketing in the coming years. We can observe that everyone is carrying Smartphones these days & as the power of the internet is increasing day by day internet marketing has become a vital industry where so many people have made their career enlarge.

When it comes to the present scope of the digital marketing industry we can see this is the industry who is booming nowadays. For a future prospect, it is going to be broader and offer a large number of opportunities.


Q6. So, how did digital marketing training help you to achieve your goals?

Ans. Undoubtedly, it helped me immensely. Initially, I wasn’t aware of some techniques that are necessary for this industry. The faculty is Google certified and beyond my expectations who teach according to students need.

I should admit that the classroom is so good and it helps to learn quickly. I wasn’t aware of the digital marketing industry but a couple of months made me a specialist.

Q7. Could you tell us something how was your training experience at Insider Academy? 

Ans. The course module is really commendable, the way trainers make things easy it helps to learn digital marketing within a short period.  They assisted me expertly and created more passion for Digital Marketing. In fact, without Insider Academy it wasn’t possible to have a job in the most demanded industry.

Q8. Is there anything you would like to share with the students who are in a dilemma whether this course is good or not for them?

Ans. I would like to say that this industry has a long-term career and has a wide career scope. With a short-term course, students can learn digital marketing and become high-demand professional.

before digital marketing course, I was wondering here and there. I went to several courses but no one can give me that much satisfaction as digital marketing gave me.

I would also like to thank Insider Academy who made my career easy and gave me a path where I can earn in several ways.