To build any business, ‘MARKETING’ is an intrinsic part, in fact, the whole play revolves around it. A successful entrepreneur knows how to win market through different strategies. Each marketing strategy communicates the benefits and features of the product and its value to their customers. There are different kinds of marketing strategies used today, like CRM, SEO, relationship marketing, scarcity marketing, etc. but Guerrilla marketing has become a boon for young entrepreneurs of today. Let us know how?

What is Guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a method of performing marketing activities or advertising products at a very low cost through creative ways offline.

‘Time, energy and imagination’ is the whole concept behind it.

How Guerrilla marketing helps to get maximum results for minimum cost?

It focuses on low cost profitable yet creative marketing. Sales are not the primary way to measure business success, instead, profit is the measurement. It strategizes at retaining customers permanently with its impressive marketing strategy instead of focusing on acquiring new ones.

The idea:

The concept of Guerrilla business came into force as a book Guerilla marketing. The first book was published in 1984 and it basically focused on helping small businesses having low investment and longing for large profits, to compete against the established industries.

It started as a movement with the publishing of more than 50 books, in 62 different languages and making havoc across the globe.

Guerrilla marketing book:

A dozen of books has been written on Guerrilla marketing strategies by Jay Levinson on marketing strategies for small businesses. His ideas were very simple and approached on finding clients. His philosophies gave birth to new ways of learning about marketing and offered new weapons for small business success.

The books are easily available online at nominal prices. Guerrilla marketing is considered to be a bible for entrepreneurs and a single-handed copy is a mandate for entrepreneurs.

Guerrilla marketing tactics:

  • Make use of kiosks or ‘Pop Up Shop’, it is a temporary store which doesn’t require a lot of investment and is easy to set up or put down but choose the location of the store smartly like on a street, at a fair, etc.
  • Give away samples for “free”

Free has been the favorite for everyone. It improves publicity with little investment but ensures fast and high profits. Obligation works in such cases.

  • Make use of stickers to promote your stuff, also called STICKER MARKETING. Stickers are very cost effective and interest the customers easily.
  • Publicize it on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

These are the richest and the cheapest sources of publicity. Smartphones become helpful in such situations.

  • Make use of Graffiti, Posters, etc for advertisement. Renting a space can be expensive, use of posters, arts, etc reduces the cost. Choose the locations after seeking permissions.

Guerrilla marketing ideas:

  • Use sustainable design blogs and slogans
  • Creativity using outdoor installations, props and activity vending machines
  • Skywriting
  • Geofilters
  • Yarn bombing
  • Use of temporary art tattoos, logos, etc, get yourself inked
  • Pop up events, use of DIY ideas for this purpose.
  • Interactive Ads
  • Flash mobbing
  • Reverse graffiti
  • Temporary street art and stencils

Guerrilla marketing pdf:

Guerrilla marketing pdfs are easily available online. You can download it for free.

It is the responsibility of a Guerrilla marketer to make every single moment as an experience for the customer. Embracing opportunities to develop a guerrilla mindset is important.

Creativity begins with an idea. The idea should concentrate on the benefits, and sing the offers and advantages of the product.