TOP 10 Most in Demand Technical skills in 2020

There are several Job oriented short term technical skills courses in the Market. It depends on individual interests. But in my point of view and ten years of professional experience of the Present Indian Market. These are the top-notch professional skill that lands you a High paying job in Indian Job Market.

Some of these are best after the Intermediate and some are good after Graduation.

  1. Front end Developer /Designer

As the digital presence of every brand and product is the top priority in the market. The web presence is a very important factor in every service and product base Company. So there are millions of websites become live on the internet every day.

The customer instruction with the websites is key parameter for increase the selling of service and product of a company. So the websites need more users interactive. So the user can find easily whatever he wants on the websites.

The mobile user is increasing day by day.  So the websites need to more mobile-friendly. The user must feel a good experience on the mobile platform. So the need for expert Front end developers is a very demanding profile in the market. The skillset for the front end developer is the HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP. He must a master on one of the server-side programming languages like JAVASCRIPT or the PHP.

Apart from that if you have the knowledge of tools like Photoshop, Canva, premium pro these are the advantage to get a good job in this field.  This creates a huge number of job opportunities in front end developments and designing.

  1. Data Science

The data science is a booming sector in the upcoming year. This is one of the most job oriented fields in upcoming year. The need for expert data science skills is very demanding in upcoming year. The data is king in today’s business analysis world. The digital data is very important and key assets for every product and service selling company.

You can sell everything online. If you have quality information about your customer.  Then you can easily sell your product or service to your targeted audience.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The machine will become smarter in the future. The artificial intelligence plays a major role in the Smartness of the Machine. Every device is become smarter by the implementing of artificial Intelligence. The machine needs very little instruction by the Human to complete their assign Task. The machine can make its own decision like a human by the use of Artificial Intelligence.

This sector is also a very great chance to lands you a high paying job for in this industry. The job opportunities are very good in the AI sector. Every student want to become an AI specialist needs proper Knowledge of the programming language like Javascript, embedded system, java and some testing skills like automation testing.

  1. Machine learning

Machine learning is another very demanding skill in 2020. It is the most emerging job sector in the upcoming year. The Skillset for machine learning is Mathematics, python, data analytics are the main skill set for Machine learning.

The feature of work is more depends on the machine. These machines need to be more is smarter. They don’t need human instruction. They do their task very smartly. They become smarter day by day.

The machine learns new things from their previous experience like a human. There are huge demands for skilled Machine learning experts in the industry.

  1. Digital Marketing

In today’s digital era every company needs to promote its product on the digital platform.  The different social media platform is a good plate form to promote their product on the digital platform. The digital platform has a great influence over a hug number of audience.  These are the great platform for the marketing of any product. The budget for online promotion is increased by a big amount for every company.

There are several media in digital marketing. Like Face book, PPC, Google Ad words, Instagram Marking, Email Marketing, SEO, Content writing these are the main Module in digital Marketing. There is no need for any specific degree to go into this field. Every businessman or graduate can build their carrier in the digital marketing field.

  1. Network and information security. (Cybersecurity)

It is another very demanding field as the job point of view. In today’s cybersecurity is a big issue for any big database company. The security of the database is a very big concern for the Company. There are several professional hackers who are always trying to get the data from the database of the company. The banking sector needs more cybersecurity experts in the feature.

  1. Cloud Computing(AWS)

Cloud computing experts are huge demands on the market. Cloud Computing (AWS) provides all services like hosting for enterprise-level applications. This is creating a huge scope of the job for AWS specialists in the market. This is a very demanding and highly paid skill in the Market.

  1. Blockchain

The blockchain is distributed computing technology. The cryptocurrency is the replacement of the Conventional currency. The scope of the job for the blockchain expert is very high. There are very demands of blockchain technology in the market.

The feature generation will more use cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency has more advantage over the conventional currency.  This makes a huge demand for an expert in BlockChain technology.

  1. Mobile Application Development

A mobile application is the main medium to interact with the user. The mobile application is a very simple and easy medium to serve the customer for a service-based company. There is millions of Mobile application which are providing the best service to their use by one mobile click. This approach is a huge opportunity for Mobile application development professionals.

  1. Mobile Repairing Courses

The mobile repairing sector is also a great booming sector at the present time. Mobile repairing is a short term and low-cost course. Which gives you a very nice way of earning a good amount of money.

Life is depending more and more on the mobile phone. You can’t imagine life without the Mobile phone. It is the basic need of every working generation. The dependency on the mobile phone is increasing day by day.

The main advantage of this course is that you have both options open after this course. You can do the job in a service center or in a manufacturing plant. You can easily get a good job after this Mobile repairing Course or you can start your own mobile repairing service center business but you have a need for proper technique and marketing Knowledge of this industry.